Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sneak Peek! Jenn & Jason

Before the photographs from the ever-so-talented Dennis Drenner arrive, here are a few snapshots from Jenn & Jason's big day! The ceremony was held at Holy Trinity in Georgetown, with the reception following at the Josephine Butler Parks Center, overlooking Meridian Park.

Hair & Makeup began bright and early for the bride!

Meanwhile, mom was finishing the last few seams on the secret reception dress!

We started our day by checking on the bride in her suite, and performing a little surgery on a flower girls pomander!

Mom and daughter take a moment before she walks down the aisle!

We love the contrast of the bridesmaid gowns with the beautiful fall palette of the bouquets!

My lovely assistant, Laura, and the few remaining Virginia Tech cupcakes from the dessert display!

Yumm.. cake!

More to come soon!